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Opening the conference the Basel Convention, the Stockholm and Rotterdam in 2015 (COP7) - EBHPD accompany Vietnam government.

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More than 1282 delegates from over 160 countries and approximately 300 delegates from international organizations, academic institutions, industrial complexes and non-governmental organizations attended the conference. Vietnam government delegation under the official registration list with the conference organizing committee consists of 8 representatives from the Ministry of Industry and Trade and the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment. From the civil society organizations have Vietnam attended two delegates: Dr. Bui Thi An, chairman of Hanoi chemistry, Institute of Environmental Resources and Community Development and TS. Tran Tuan, Director of the Centre for Research and Training in Community Development (RTCCD) represent the Union Health Advocacy (EBHPD) and Alliance advocacy banned white asbestos used in Vietnam (VN -You). Both participants of the conference as observers and members of the International Coalition Advocating adherence ROCA Rotterdam Convention (Rotterdam Convention Alliance).

Three general objectives of this Convention is to protect human health and the environment before chemical hazards and hazardous waste. In particular, the Stockholm Convention focused on issues such as reducing and eliminating the toxic chemicals used in agriculture and the environment, such as DDT, PCBs (polychlorinated Polychorinated), Dioxin, sulfonic acid peufluorooctane episode .... Basel Convention address the issue of enforcement and cooperation of nations in the procuracy transporting chemicals and hazardous waste across borders. Specifically, the content is a lot of international observers and Vietnam this time interested countries to discuss putting forward no objection in toxic chemicals, including white asbestos in Annex III, Accessories Contents kinds of industrial chemicals and plant protection products subject to special management - Rotterdam Convention.


Vietnam has joined the 6th session (COP 6) in 2013, also in Geneva. Here, Vietnam is one of only seven countries objected put white asbestos in Annex III of the Rotterdam Convention. Therefore, at this meeting, the international community to pay special attention to the dynamics of Vietnam in the meeting date 12-14 / 5 discusses the compliance and implementation of the Rotterdam Convention.

Representatives of civil society organizations attended the meeting Vietnam with 3 objectives: 1) to learn about the implementation of the Convention 3, responsible parties, and the participation of Vietnam so far; (2) mobilize countries, including Vietnam, adhere to the commitments mentioned, especially the Rotterdam Convention with work included in Annex III of toxic chemicals including white asbestos; (3) representing the international community, about the transformation of Vietnam in compliance with recommendations of the World Health Organization in the International Labour Organization on prohibiting the use of white asbestos and payments related diseases to asbestos in Vietnam.

Dr. Tran Tuan said: "We bring the picture conference represents progress has been achieved since 2014 in the roadmap of Vietnam in Vietnam banned white asbestos in 2020, expressed the determination of the Vietnamese government South by issuing Dispatch 7307 / VPCP- KGVX 19.09.2014 assigned to the ministries implementing the target completely banned white asbestos used in Vietnam in 2020. In addition, we also bring video clip / a movie of research findings on the use of white asbestos, the consequences for laitai Europe via the international community calling dongva support organizations implementing the goal of building "The community said no to asbestos "in Vietnam."

With the results achieved and the efforts from the civil society organizations and the mass media in recent years, we hope that the government of Vietnam this time will perform its responsibilities by effective participation in the proceedings, focused approach and provide information to the agencies, departments and private citizens in the country and eventually vote consensus / no objection put white asbestos in Annex III , the Rotterdam Convention, ensure a safer future for the people of Vietnam.

According EBHPD.



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